Welcome To Speak

Speak is the realization of a dream. A wish really. The accumulation of hope and desperation turned into an action item. Driven by strong beliefs in simultaneous privacy and community.

Speak is a place you can finally express yourself free of the prying eyes of the NSA. A place where you no longer have to watch what you text because you know it will be sold to advertisers. Somewhere you can have conversations without worrying about a curious roommate or partner reading them.

On a fundamental level, Speak is an app for sending text messages to your friends and family which are only readable by you and the person you are sending the messages to. Your messages are encrypted using a key that only you know. Once registered, the app may only be accessed using a pin that only you and your device know.

Getting Started

1Know someone who is part of this community: We are a public community, however anyone who wishes to register must be referred from an existing member. This keeps out bots and trolls. If you have found us, it’s likely you were referred by someone, so go ahead and ask them for their access code found in settings.

2Register on this site: Registration is very private and simple. The only personal information you must enter is an email address. Beyond that, you will simply pick a username, screen name, and encryption key. Once registered you will receive an email with a link to activate your account and login.

3Add To Home Screen: While this app is fully functional within the browser, it is intended to be installed as an app. If you access this site via Chrome (and other supported browsers), you will be prompted to optionally “Add To Home”. Clicking on the prompt will install the app and give you an app icon to access it.

Note: Apple/Mac devices may not prompt you and require you to add to home screen manually.

4Start a new conversation: Clicking the “+” at the top of the conversations list will allow you to search for existing users and start a conversation with them.

5Allow Notifications: To be notified when someone sends you a message, you must allow notifications. The first time you view any conversation you will be prompted to show notifications. Clicking “Allow” will optionally enable notifications when new messages are received. (Note: You will have a much better experience with notifications enabled.)

Note: Apple/Mac devices may not support notifications.

6Invite your friends and family to Speak to you: On the settings screen you will find your own personal “Access Code”. This is the code you may give to anyone you would like to invite to Speak. Please do not list your code publicly as it will be disabled if bots or trolls start registering with it.